“RES” LLC manages power equipment trade. For instance:  

  • Complex microprocessor control system
  • Protective relays of series DMR and DMC
  • SCADA – microprocessor control system software
  • Transformers, circuit breakers
  • Varies of automatic bearings


In cooperation with the engineers from ZONFA Automation Company of Shanghai, China and the State Owned Enterprise-Thermal Power Plant #4, our company has carried out the joint research, analysis, industrial experiment and relay protection activities in order to ensure the relay protection of the distribution facilities with 6/0.4 Kwt closing valves and installed them in the distribution facilities of 8. This relay protection that is fully automated R.I.D (relay with integrated data) has been introduced and applied in Mongolia for the first time.

“RES” LLC Office

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia-14253,  Sukhbaatar District, 5 th Khoroo,  “Mongol Daatgal” Door 503


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