Completed Projects:

Heating Plant and Heating Distrubution network construction work for “New Ulaanbaatar International Airport” project

"New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Project" is being constructed by soft loan "MON-P8" of Japanese government. RES LLC jointly with MEZ LLC won the bidding for heating plant and heating distribution network installation work. According to the contract made with Samsung LLC, MEZ LLC has completed construction of heating plant while RES LLC has installed 3.52 km length of Ф530mm non-accessible pair pipes, 1.7 km length of Ф 430mm  pair pipes in the culvert, 20 pieces manholes, 10 pieces water drainage, branch lines connecting to  7 buildings with a diameter of 45-219mm pipes and handed over to state commission as appointed by Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Energy on January, 2017.  


Installation of 3rd water circulation network of Erdenet Mining Corporation  



In 2015-2016, according to the subscription of Erdenet Mining Corporation located in Bayan-Ondor soum Orkhon aimag,  we have installed 6.2 km length of 3rd water circulation network with ф1020mm pipes  and successfully handed over it in June of 2016.

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