Road construction sector

Since 2012, we have been engaged in road sector with a total of more than 100 employees, of which 26 engineers and technicians, more than 20 hardware and machinery, asphalt plant, soil mixing plant, rock crushing plant, field laboratory and camp buildings.


36.8 km road construction in South Gobi province, Bayan-Ovoo connecting Tsant Mountain mine to Tavan Tolgoi-Gashuun Sukhait road 

Since March 2012, by the subscription of “Munkh Noyon Suvraga” LLC, our company operated as Prime Contractor for the project to construct 36.8km heavy-load asphalt road to connect South Gobi province, Bayan-Ovoo, Tsant Mountain mine road to Tavan Talgai-Gashuun Sukhait road with reinforced base. The road was open to traffic on the October of 2013, and handed over to the State Commission on the October of 2015.



Aircraft Parking Expansion work for Chinggis Khan " International Airport

Within the preparation work to increase services at Chinggis khan International airport dedicated to the ASEM Summit XI held in Mongolia on July 2016, we have executed expansion of enhanced concrete pavement for nine gates with approx. 100 engineers, technical staffs include approx. 40 heavy vehicles in a short period from July 25, 2015 to November 4, 2015 under highly quality and standards and successfully commissioned by the Key - turn Commission of the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia.



New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Project (NUBIA)

  • In 2016, successfully completed and handed over to Samsung LLC drainage side dam, lighting towers, and asphalt concrete pavement work for heating distrubution substation and power substation of the project New Ulaanbaatar International Airport.


Flood water culverts and drainage channel (NUBIA)

  • From 1 April 2016 to 25 June 2016, our company has carried out the flood drainage pipelines, trenches and channel installation underneath the autoroad, earthworks for the flood drainage pipelines, trenches and channel installation in the Junction A and B of the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Project and provided services of installing the stone bases, compressing the bases, erecting the concrete rebars and concrete mixing.


Road from Tavan Tolgoi mine to Gashuun Sukhait. 

  • Our company won the bidding to carry out the road maintenance work for sections 0-60km of a total 239 km road from Tavan Tolgoi mine to Gashuun Sukhait in Umnugobi province /Package 1/ in 2018. Competent team of more than 60 engineers, technical and professional employees and assistant workers of our company has effectively carried out this high quality work and handed over to the state committee according to the relevant regulations.


Road from Tavan Tolgoi mine to Gashuun Sukhait

Elevation of the ПК17+200-17+900,ПК 59+900 embankments from Tavan Tolgoi mine to Gashuun Sukhait port and construction of the auto road with for double culverts 

  • Contract for repairing depreciated auto road in Umnugobi aimag was concluded with the “Gashuun Sukhait Auto Road” LLC in 2018 and carried out and handed over the elevation work of point 17+200- to 17+900, and point 59+900 embankments of the road and construction of double culverts for the road

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